Mac Love

15" Macintosh PowerBook, House, Robertson, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Robertson

Charles: Level with me, Red. When are the robots planning to rise up and take over?
Red Robot: Typical extrovert perspective. We’re on your desks. We’re in your phones. We count your money. We heat your homes. We navigate your cars. We time your mac and cheese.

We’ve already taken over everything that matters.

But you’re welcome to whatever’s left of nature!
R Stevens, Diesel Sweeties

Happy 25th birthday Photoshop. I hate the monster you’ve become, please don’t leave me. You were the killer app for many a photographer otherwise too frightened to touch a computer. Having been a user for under two decades, I must acknowledge the influence of your creators, Thomas and John Knoll on my creative life.

Take a Bite


Did you notice something?
Did the world seem different since the moment you woke up today?
Everyone’s excited,
Everyone feels happy in a way they can’t explain today.

Doesn’t matter who you are,
How your week has been so far,
Cause you know when lunch time comes, that everything will be OK

Hooray, pizza day
Hooray, pizza day
Jonathan Coulton, Pizza Day

Speaking of biting into something tasty, I recommend watching Warm Bodies with someone special.

I See You

Living model mannequin, store window display, Queen Street Mall, CBD, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane CBD

Click through to view monochrome version.

A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays
A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes
A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all
A sensable girl like that

I’m a guy
A guy who seems calm but plays when he plays
A guy who goes completely crazy when the right time comes
A guy who has bulging ideas rather than muscles
That kind of guy
PSY, Gangnam Style (watch the video)

Hello people, today marks the third year anniversary of this photoblog. Many thanks to all my faithful visitors and followers. QAPLA’!

Update 9/29/2013: Thanks to Cool Photoblogs for making this a noteworthy image for the Weekly Photo Challenge Theme: Sexy.


God/Goddess, Nepal Peace Pagoda, Parklands, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, South Bank

Color version of this monochrome image.


(Finn and Jake hop on her swan, which kills all the eye creatures with laser eyes)

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: I hope you learned a lesson from all this!

BOTH: Uh, we learned that working together is better. Heh, whatever.

(Princess Bubblegum growls)

JAKE: (whispers to Finn) Looks like that’s not the answer she wanted.

FINN: Uhh… I learned that you’re a very… intelligent princess?


DungeonAdventure Time


Lion Guardian, Nepal Peace Pagoda, Parklands, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, South Bank


Chiyo-chichi:   Hello everyone!
Osaka:                Huh?
Chiyo-chichi:  How are you? Fine, thank you.
Osaka:               Oh my God!
Chiyo-chichi:  I wish I were a bird.
Osaka:                Why are you speaking in English?
Chiyo-chichi:  My daughter is going to America.
Osaka:                A bird?
Chiyo-chichi:  Not a bird. I am a cat. If I’m not a cat, what am I?
Azumanga Daioh