Christmas Tree Decorations, Tahanan, Paranaque

Abed:          Oh, Christmas Troy, Oh, Christmas Troy
                       Thy candles shine so brightly.
                       Oh, Christmas Troy, Oh, Christmas Troy
                        Much pleasure thou canst give me.

Jeff:               Why do you guys do stuff like this?

Troy:              Cause it’s fun.

Abed:             Yeah.

Jeff:                 …

Jeff/Abed:    The sight of thee at Christmastide
                           Spreads hope and gladness far and wide.

                           THOU TREE MOST FAIR AND LOVELY.

Abed:              Don’t move.

Troy:               This nose smells like a special drink.

Community, Comparative Religion (watch the clip)

When I die, I’d like to be reborn as Troy and Abed.

Accidental Exposure

Robert E. Lee Park, Baltimore County, Maryland
Baltimore County

Arthur:    …Why are you hesitating?
Gramp:   …In this moment, these undeveloped pictures are full of potential…Stolen glimpses of the past gifted to us by chance.
Arthur:     So get them developed!
Gramp:    But…it’s also possible they’re just TERRIBLE PHOTOS…
Sheldon (start here and click forward to read the story)

Good old silver gelatin! Remember that special feeling of dread and anticipation after every frame was shot? I couldn’t wait to see how badly I screwed up the exposure!

Welcoming 2012

New Years Eve Fireworks, Park, Tahanan, Paranaque

Hey guys. This photo should have been posted on Monday, but my aging laptop finally gave up the ghost this weekend. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to purchase a new one. So updates to this blog could prove problematic until the situation can be remedied. Sorry about that. I’m pretty bummed out about the whole thing myself. Without decent RAW image software, I’ll probably have to post some of my previously edited images until things improve.