Triple Threat

Roronoa Zoro One Piece Cosplayer, Cosplay Mania 2012, SMX Convention Center, Mall Of Asia, Pasay, Manila

Japanese lover
Oriental flavour
Man without liar, noble heart
So lovely lovely samurai!!!

When I feel blue I wanna be with you
“Man Italiano” love me twice
But when I see you “Japan Samurai”
So lovely lovely lovely and you’re my man

Hey you! …Not you!!!
Who wanna be my lover??
Oh baby don’t be glower
I’ll make you feel so right!!!

Hey you! …Not you!!!
Who wanna feel the fever??
It’s growing my desire
To make you feel so nice!!!
Jenny Rom, The Game of Love

As the video above proves, cosplaying otaku are always ready to break out into song and dance.


Spider-Man cosplay, Marvel booth, Comic-Con International, San Diego Convention Center, Marina District, San Diego, California. Ilford HP5+ Black and White 35mm negative film.
San Diego CBD

Comic-Con International from ten years ago. “Ultimate Spider-Man” was still new. Now he’s dead. People were talking about Sam Raimi’s upcoming  “Spider-Man” movie. Now it’s being rebooted away for a newer cast. See you at Comic-Con, Peter Parker.