Art Schooled by Larry Witham, Reading Glasses, iPad 2, House, Tahanan, Paranaque, Metro Manila.

Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.
Douglas Adams, 2001

I used to believe that I would always prefer to read from the printed page. Under ideal conditions, I still do. But two events changed my habits: I was eventually forced to acquire reading glasses. Then the iPad came out. Now, I zoom and pinch the text.

A Little Toast

Onegai Teacher/Please Teacher PVC Figures, 15" MacBook Pro, Para–aque, Metro Manila.

My personal life has been on something of a downward spiral lately, negatively affecting both my health and finances. Things finally came to a head when my primary computer broke down. Unfortunately, I have no means of getting it repaired within the short term. Photography and blogging will have to take a back seat while I figure things out, or not. Presently, I’m at a loss.

Mac Love

15" Macintosh PowerBook, House, Robertson, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Robertson

Charles: Level with me, Red. When are the robots planning to rise up and take over?
Red Robot: Typical extrovert perspective. We’re on your desks. We’re in your phones. We count your money. We heat your homes. We navigate your cars. We time your mac and cheese.

We’ve already taken over everything that matters.

But you’re welcome to whatever’s left of nature!
R Stevens, Diesel Sweeties

Happy 25th birthday Photoshop. I hate the monster you’ve become, please don’t leave me. You were the killer app for many a photographer otherwise too frightened to touch a computer. Having been a user for under two decades, I must acknowledge the influence of your creators, Thomas and John Knoll on my creative life.

“You Get To Burning!”

Martian Successor Nadesico anime DVDs, Robertson, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Robertson

Yamato Nadeshiko

Life lessons learned from watching too much anime (specifically the one pictured above) – The perfect lady must be loyal, gentle, humble, wise, posses all the comforts of home, weigh in excess of tens of thousands of metric tons, maintain a large crew compliment, and carry a BIG HONKIN’ GUN!

The even more old-school fans among you may prefer this or this geeky reference.

Otaku are weird.


Onegai Teacher, Galaxy Angel DVDs, House, Robertson, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Robertson

What to watch when lonely, depressed, and still acclimating to a foreign land.

This post is to let readers know that I’ve recently procured a new computer for my photo-editing needs. Finally, I don’t have to borrow other people’s machines. As all my old software is woefully obsolete, I’ll continue to use the same combo of open-sourced and pre-installed software I’ve been dependent on since the beginning of this year. That is unless someone gifts me a copy of CS6. Anyone?