Dagwood dogs, fatty foods, South Bank Parklands, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, South Bank

Daryl Isaacs M.D. (day zero): Patient is embarking on a one-month McDonald’s binge.

(day 18): You’re sick, and you’re making yourself sick, and you can make yourself unsick by stopping doing what you’re doing.

Super Size Me (2004)

It feels like we’re all embarking on a very long binge, and we can’t stop.

8 thoughts on “Dagwood

  1. Great picture and I am sure that people eat that food. Love the depth of field.
    …… I have to admit that I haven’t been at a ‘Mac’ in 9 years…. they don’t have food there. Before that, I might do a ‘McDrive’ for two ice creams and my son would pay… hard to refuse that one. Sugar, deep fried food, beef (very toxic), energy drinks…. all the meals in between snacks…. 😉
    I never had a Dagwood…I had to google it.
    I never saw the movie but I heard about it. Amazing that in the credits it is mentioned that this was freedom of speech and freedom of press.
    I admire the wide range of topics on your blog.

  2. We call then corn dogs in America, Michael, and I’m guessing I’ve had a handful of them in my 71 years? I actually love me some good onion rings, of course, but man alive…to live on that kind of diet for so long would surely kill most people! (Maybe they’re already dead but don’t know it.) I’m glad such movies are made to draw attention to the epidemic!

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