Apple Ascending

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An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator. An iPod, a phone … ARE YOU GETTING IT?
Steve Jobs, unveiling the iPhone (Macworld Expo 2007) (watch the video)

I’m marking two recent anniversaries: Seven years of this blog. And coincidentally, a decade of the iPhone. How’s that for kismet?

Man, all those crazy pre-launch rumours!

7 thoughts on “Apple Ascending

  1. Great picture about this subject. Yesterday I listened in the car about the introduction of the i-Phone. A thing I don’t have, not miss, maybe in the far future might get if I am ‘forced’ to. For me: too expensive, no need to be ‘on call’ 24 hours. I do very well with my 20 euro cheap pre-pay cell phone…. and to be honest, the youtube is one and a half hour….. I need to be at work by that time. At work, we have protocol NO phones with you on the work-floor, penalty: fired on the spot…… However I do think it is an amazing invention, now we need people to use it properly… 😉
    I agree with Michael, it is always a joy to see what topics you have. Have a great day. (and BTW the above is MY opinion and nobody needs to agree)

  2. I know where Astrid is coming from. Neither of us have a smart phone because we really don’t need one. We have our laptops and our iPads, though, and our cameras. HA! However, I love what the smart phones are capable of doing, there in the palm of your hand. It’s quite mind-blowing, when you think about how a single computer filled an entire room in my university days back in the 60s!

    1. You seem to forget that the iPad and other tablets (and even today’s cameras) are mobile devices intimately connected to smartphone technology, and more importantly, you missed the more central point I was making.

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