12 thoughts on “Offering

  1. That is an interesting statement of D.Tutu. I think a lot of people might choose to be ‘political correct’ instead of choosing for the minority and been shot???
    What an incredible pictures, colour and B&W. I go with the B&W, very magical to me, love the sunbeams through the clouds of ‘smoke’…

  2. In this case, Michael, I prefer the color because of all that wonderful orange. I also love the stream of light…and the quotes from both Tutu and Twain!

  3. Stunning images. I like both images. I think the red colors and lighting are magnificent. In the B&W image the rays of light and mood are captured very well.

  4. I like both photos because each one has its own strengths. Pin me down though and I will prefer the color version. The quotes would be great discussion starters…for cool and clear minds. 🙂
    Take care, Michael.

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