10 thoughts on “Nighthawks

  1. I’ll be 70 in 3 more months, Michael, and have a feeling I’ll surely still feel something I’ve not yet felt before…or a STRONGER version of what I’ve already felt. (sigh)

  2. I did not see the movie ‘HER’… and I am not going to. I am not into this kind of movies. Also 50 shades of grey… no interest at all.
    I do like the picture. And my feelings…. are as strong as they use to be…erm I think….. 🙂

  3. This type of scene isn’t what I usually stop to contemplate, but when it is paired with the ideas and thoughts of the quote, it is quite evocative. I like the photo because now I’m not merely seeing people at a restaurant, but I’m seeing a relationship. At this stage of life, I’ve felt the impact of many things. I’m not sure that I’ll only feel “lesser versions”, but I do feel things in a very different way now.
    (Thanks for the comment on my site (which will be moving soon). I posted a reply to your comment.) Keep up the nice work, Michael.

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