Mac Love

15" Macintosh PowerBook, House, Robertson, Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane, Robertson

Charles: Level with me, Red. When are the robots planning to rise up and take over?
Red Robot: Typical extrovert perspective. We’re on your desks. We’re in your phones. We count your money. We heat your homes. We navigate your cars. We time your mac and cheese.

We’ve already taken over everything that matters.

But you’re welcome to whatever’s left of nature!
R Stevens, Diesel Sweeties

Happy 25th birthday Photoshop. I hate the monster you’ve become, please don’t leave me. You were the killer app for many a photographer otherwise too frightened to touch a computer. Having been a user for under two decades, I must acknowledge the influence of your creators, Thomas and John Knoll on my creative life.

7 thoughts on “Mac Love

  1. 25 years?????????????? Is that really possible??? I had no idea, Michael. I’ve known and used them for maybe 10 years by now?? WOW. Happy tribute to something many of us could not live without!

  2. Where do I begin? Love the photo. It shows *your* style very well. “Diesel Sweeties” made me smile…and, yes, computers are everywhere. I found the interview with Thomas Knoll to be interesting. I didn’t realize that Photoshop was 25 years old, either.
    You put a lot of work into this one and it shows. Impressive!

  3. That long already. You often put your finger ion what happens and we don’t realize. Robots will take over and I hope to be creamated before some robot will make me dinner…….. 🙂
    Love the picture. I notice you have a Mac… Too bad I am hooked to Microsoft and for me a too big learning curve (read money) to change… maybe one day.

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