11 thoughts on “Fire Lane

  1. I think, you hate it or you love it. And I love it.
    Great music with it and I know that building at the far end as the ‘Pan Am’ building (Looong time ago)
    What a beautiful street that is, Park Avenue. I assume you took this picture in Spring time.
    Wonderful picture and love the B&W.

  2. For some people I know it’s the BEST city in the whole wise world, Michael. They wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But you’d definitely have to love big cities to live there, right? I never goes to sleep…..

  3. This photo puts me in the mood to visit a city again. The glamor, the grit, the crowds…those are all things in the past for me. You’ve given me a little nostalgia trip! Really nice work, Michael.

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