Tribeca Skyline, Manhattan, New York, New York. Ilford HP5+ BW negative 35mm film.
New York, Manhattan

I once saw a sunset like that, over the lake near the old tanning factory back home. It was winter and I was going back for Christmas break. I remember the light flashing through the trees woke me up, and I pressed my face against the window just before the bus turned away onto the overpass.

Sometimes I think I only see moments like that through some kind of screen.
Michael Cho, Shoplifter

9 thoughts on “Signboards

  1. Love the shot! 2 points gone for blocking the box? I think they must be serious. I was only on the edge of New York one time. I was told by a friend, “Don’t look up. They will know you are a stranger.” I suppose that would have made me a target…and I’d lose 2 points.
    I looked over a few of Michael Cho’s tweets and enjoyed some of his observations. Had you not mentioned him, I would have never heard of him. Have a good Christmas season.

  2. Oh, good ol’ New York! I didn’t even need to read the comments to know where this was taken … a certain distinctive characteristic about NY, eh!? I hope you had a nice holiday! 🙂

  3. WOW, two points…. I heard about the ‘point system’ and I think it is great, hurt people in their wallet, they might listen.
    I don’t mind they will tell I am a tourist in Manhattan, I always look up, down, left, right….. I love Manhattan, a city alive and hopefully we will be there again within two years.
    Great shot and love the quote of Michael Cho. ( don’t you love it: ‘what do you do for a job’? ‘I am shoplifter’….
    Have a wonderful week.

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