Temple of Dendur, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan, New York, New York. SIlford HP5+ BW negative 35mm film.
New York, Manhattan

That responsibility is thrown into even greater relief at a time like this, when the Ferguson protesters are doing everything possible to emphasize that racism is a systemic problem, built into the basic machinery of our lives. That machinery, of course, includes Hollywood…
Sigal Samuel, Why I’m Boycotting the ‘Exodus’ Movie

While race didn’t matter at the time, it does now, and casting all white people as non-white people is problematic. Ridley Scott, a 76 year old man who grew up in a world where the historical epic tradition was actors with booming English accents wearing togas, probably never even thought about it.
Devin Faraci, Will Ridley Scott’s Exodus Be The Last Whitewashed Blockbuster?

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  1. I am not going into the discussion of the two quotes. I read some of the article from Devin Faraci.
    However, I am always impressed by the wall carvings ‘the writing on the walls’ of the Egyptians. A high culture in early years and showing what life was about.
    It is amazing that is survived all thoes years.

  2. In a way, Hollywood went into “whitewashing” by employing “genuine” thespians who were trained actors complete with posh British (or British-like) accents. It was common to hear in interviews. The practice continued–movies didn’t reflect the true races in those Biblical stories, or westerns, etc.
    I can’t think of anyone who really believed that the movies were more than mere Hollywood depictions–bigger than life, impressive “with casts of thousands!” and a few chosen stars who made it all seem so glamorous. We are more aware and informed today (aren’t we?) so it is possible that one day such movies will be made that are more accurate in the case of race and culture. I believe we are seeing more that that today.

    The photo is really very good; the framing, sharpness, contrast, and processing get five stars. Very nicely done!

  3. Now you really have me curious about this movie, Michael, which I’ve not yet heard aboput here in the Netherlands. Hmmmm. I’m sure you do have some good points by adding those two quotes.

  4. I am not aware of the movie which like Ginnie makes me curious. The carvings are fantastic. I always wonder what remains from our culture.

  5. I am only aware of the movie of this name, not of any controversy surrounding it. But you have a great image here, love the details and contrasts in b/w

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