Pole Dance

Sexpo Showgirls, Brisbane Sexpo 2007, Convention Hall, South Bank, Brisbane.
Brisbane, South Bank

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I hold my skirt, sash untied
and stand before the window with unpainted eyebrows.
Silk clothes fly open so easily.
If my skirt opens, I’ll blame the spring wind!
Zi Ye, The Untied Skirt

8 thoughts on “Pole Dance

  1. I prefer the coloured one, the soft tones and the soft red makes it beautiful.
    What a lot of people don’t know, you have to be in a GD shape to be a good pole-dancer…..
    However I think this one is playing on the imagination of the audience.
    Great shot and I wonder if you liked the show 😉

  2. Think the red color creates the mood of the outfit. Excellent shot of this lovely girl. You definitely captured the atmosphere well here.

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