Argentine Tango Dancers, 3rd Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. Fujifilm RA Sensia 100 color positive slide 35mm film. Cross processed.
Los Angeles, Santa Monica

Click through to view monochrome version.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: Would you like to learn to tango, Donna?
Donna: Right now?
Slade: I’m offering you my services, free of charge. What do you say?
Donna: Ah… I think I’d be a little afraid.
Slade: Of what?
Donna: Afraid of making a mistake.
Slade: No mistakes in the tango Donna, not like life. It’s simple. That’s what makes the tango so great. If you make a mistake, if you get all tangled up, just tango on. 

Scent of A Woman (1992).

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10 thoughts on “Tango

  1. I like the expressions you have captured here. The cross-processing makes for some drama, too. I have not seen the movie that you cited, but I really enjoyed the clip. There is no way that I could move with any degree of grace, so it made me a little jealous. Nice work!

  2. It’s one of my favorite movies of all times, Michael, especially because of this scene! I love the couple you have found, with the intense look on their faces. Perfect for the Tango in color or B&W!

  3. I haven’t seen your new layout — it looks awesome! Love the new colours. Very bright.

    On a side note, I wish I knew how to dance … let alone the tango!

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