… A radical Left aided by a cultural elite that detests Christianity and finds Christian moral tenets reactionary and repressive is hell-bent on pushing its amoral values and imposing its ideology on our nation.

The unwisdom of what the Hollywood and the Left are about should be transparent to all.
Pat Buchanan (March 8, 2004)

… The middle part of the country–the great red zone that voted for Bush–is clearly ready for war. The decadent left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead–and may well mount a fifth column.
Andrew Sullivan (September 16, 2001)

Hey kids! Can you spot the celebrity in the image?

13 thoughts on “Dissent

  1. I don’t consider me a kid, however the bottom right picture, the gentleman with the black sweater looks familiar, (I am very bad with names)
    Love the choice of colours, I am glad that finally some of the people ‘get it’. I know some things of ‘George double you’…..that kind of fill in the blanks.

  2. Accusing people of being the “radical left” or the “cultural elite” or “extreme right” only foments discord in a society that should be tolerant of the beliefs of others. That goes for both sides of the cultural spectrum. One of the most important things that is good and should be cherished in our free society is that everyone is entitled to express their opinion and beliefs in any way they chose, as long as it is peaceful and does not harm others. We should be able to live without fear of ridicule and persecution for our beliefs and values. Just because one does not agree with another’s point of view is no reason to ridicule them. I may not adhere to the same beliefs as you, but I respect your right to hold those beliefs and would not do anything to limit your right to express them, and would not disparage you for doing so.

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