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  1. She matches the look, and I like your composition with her mimicking of the poster behind her. Robin Williams will always be remembered for his maniac humor and acting talent. I do tend to think that his talent as well as his personal struggles had their origin from a high awareness and observation of life, people, situations, and interactions. He was able to make us laugh at ourselves, wince a little when his surgical barbs hit close to home, and also let us just escape from life for a while. It is such a shame that he couldn’t do that as well. Perhaps all that life “observing” and the intractable “demons” of life was the other edge of that shining sword he carried.
    He is greatly missed. Thanks Michael for the fine photo and thanks Robin for what you’ve given.

  2. Women…. negotiate…. erm… do I miss something. I work with women, sometimes it is hell and beyond…. No war that is for sure, and maybe we learn to negotiate if we are with the right set of women.
    The world will miss Robin. Part of my English I picked up from the series, Mork and Mindy. He was good with humor and he was brilliant with serious roles.
    He is greatly missed.

  3. It’s so sad to hear of the passing of Robin Williams. I believe he was such a great comedian and it has affected so many people around the world. And what a lovely (and funny!) quote to pick to pay tribute.

  4. Fabulous shot, great background and pose! Well done! Saw Robin Williams perform a couple of years ago, what a great comedian and person, he will truly be missed.

  5. this is great composition Michael. I am also intrigued by the background. Nice tribute too btw

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