Water Bearer

Garden, Para–aque, Metro Manila.

By someone’s arbitrary measurement, another cycle of this planet’s revolution has just ended. So, depending on which hemisphere you inhabit, the new year starts either during the depth of winter or the height of summer. But perhaps you more sensibly celebrate the commencement of spring? Or maybe fall is the ideal occasion to signal the Earth’s renewal? But if you’re truly smart and not a square, the year only begins during convention season.

14 thoughts on “Water Bearer

  1. I met somebody and he thought the End of the year was the highlight, after that, a new beginning. For me it is Spring, everything starts to grow and the days are getting longer…
    The lady in the picture sure wants to be in Summer…too cold for winter.
    Happy New Year, Michael.

  2. This photo shares the same theme as your recent “Voluptuous”, but it’s quite a bit different. I do find the added bead necklace unusual. Anyway, for me the start of the year has to do with Spring, but I’m old and a square. What do I know? Have a great 2014, Michael. I am looking forward to seeing where you will take us with your photos, research, and writing. Best wishes!

  3. Like Phil, I’m old – and finishing an old year on the right side of the sod is cause for celebration. So Michael whenever you wish to start your new year I hope it’s a very happy one,

    1. The point was to question the whole idea of “new year”, but given that almost everyone fell back on the conventional greeting, I guess it’s safe to say that I failed in my goal.

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