13 thoughts on “Buy a girl a drink?

  1. I don’t think so…. I might think they don’t come cheap. Or am I saying something terrible now.
    Great tattoos…
    Love the blur in the picture.

  2. Hmm. Let me put this together. Black leather couch, leopard print carpet, posters of girls, a club setting, and a couple of long-haired gals (with tattoos!) wearing slinky dresses, and one with jeans and stilettoes. Oh, and then there is that lanyard. They aren’t necessarily selling what it might seem at first glance. I think they are much more shrewd than that. It must have been quite an event, Michael. (Did you buy them a drink?)

  3. Ms Turner sprung, unbidden into my mind…

    I’m your private dancer
    A dancer for money
    I’ll do what you want me to do
    I’m your private dancer
    A dancer for money
    And any old music will do

    Tattoos cost!

    Nicely candid piece of “street” photography.

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