Nude Photo Session, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Bolton Hill, Baltimore, Maryland. VP6041 Verichrome Pan 120 mm 6x6 cm BW negative film.
Baltimore, Bolton Hill

How, with that posture of female awkwardness that is,
And is the stab of, suddenly perceived grace, breasts bulge
down in
The pure curve of their weight and buttocks
Moon up and, in that swelling unity,
Are silver, and glimmer…
Robert Penn Warren, The Birth of Love.

11 thoughts on “Veiled

  1. I wrote a comment that reminded me of my college literature class discussions way too much. So, for the sake of everyone–and myself, I deleted it. The white tones of your photo make it seem like a sculpture, but the reality that it isn’t makes it more sensual. Maybe that’s part of the magic of studies like yours; it captures us between the objective and subjective and our minds like to play in that space. Nice work!

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