11 thoughts on “The Gypsy

  1. Beautiful expression in her face, like she is one with the music. But then, music and gypsies, are one. Must have been a delight to see her dancing.
    Love the colour-tones in this music.

  2. tout le plaisir du corps en mouvement sur son viage. Je ne suis pas vraiment convaincu par le traiement avec cette couleur un peu morbide

  3. Bauchtanz für Buntag 🙂 a good shot and I like the violet coloring. Music rather this dance more Turkish as Spanish i think 😉

  4. Zinmeister’s analysis of Yeats’ poem very much reminds me of my college days while I was working on my degree in English (which was, in actuality, a degree in literature). We did explore some of Yeats’ work; I don’t remember this poem, but, thanks for the re-exposure. Your photo and the quote are a good fit. (She is still captivating.)

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