Red Taxi Cabs

Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Kowloon

“Banks used to issue their own currencies. You can see these old banknotes in the Smithsonian. ‘First National Bank of South Bumfuck will remit ten pork bellies to the bearer,’ or whatever. That had to stop because commerce became nonlocal—you needed to be able to take your money with you when you went out West, or whatever.”

“But if we’re online, the whole world is local,” Randy says.”
Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

Can you believe that while the Internet has been around since 1969, the World Wide Web only turned  twenty years old this May? The world’s first web page isn’t all that visually impressive. But without it, photoblogs and photo-sharing sites (BTW have you seen the new Flickr?) as we understand the term wouldn’t exist today. Thanks Tim!

P.S. Isn’t it odd that while the Internet is ripe to experience a mid-life crisis, the Web isn’t even old enough to drink (at least in the US)?

15 thoughts on “Red Taxi Cabs

  1. What would we do without the internet, I found Ginnie on the internet, married for more than 3 years now……
    I think these red taxi cabs are not as fast as the internet. We can walk, be we cannot do without the internet (anymore).
    I just thought of Skype, my brother lives in Canada, 40 years now, we Skype once every two weeks for at least 1,5 hours……..
    Hong Kong looks like a fascinating city.

  2. Astrid is right. 20 years ago we would never have met each other…except by some great miracle. The internet! Can’t live with it; can’t live without it. And as for taxi cabs, it’s nice when a city sticks to one color…black, yellow, red…so that they can be spotted and hailed quickly!

  3. Excellent post. The internet has changed modern life in countless ways… one way is, my house and garden get less and less attention :^)

  4. This is literally a street shot! I wasn’t aware of the Web’s anniversary. I found the page by Tim Berners-Lee impressive for the information contained there. Thanks for doing the research.

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