Portrait with White Vase

Mary Anne Tom Prtrait Studio Session, Portrait, Maryland Institute College of Art MICA, Bolton Hill, Baltimore, Maryland. Ilford HP5+ Black and White 35mm negative film. Exposed 250 ISO, ID11 1+1 12 Min.
Baltimore, Bolton Hill

Adobe’s dramatic change to their suite products heading to subscription-only has had one simple impact that I’m not sure Adobe fully anticipated. Every–and I mean every–Adobe product user I’ve talked to or corresponded with has come to the same conclusion: “I need to reevaluate my product choices and my commitment to Adobe.” Every last one.
Thom Hogan

I used the image above for a self-promo card once, back when film was still the dominant photographic medium. Things have changed a lot since then. With the recent hullabaloo surrounding Adobe, I’m curious: what’s your present-day digital to analog (film) shooting ratio?

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  1. I have no clue what’s happening with Adobe, Michael, even though I use PS CS3. I’m obviously in the dark! But I must say I am so glad digital photography is in vogue because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford film anymore. I do admire those, however, who still use film, for whatever reasons…like your image here, back in the day.

  2. A pity other players disappeared. I was always impressed by the photographic feel that ‘Live Picture’ gave to images, great masking and comping, always looked better and more realistic than early versions of Photoshop to me. Also could handle big files on the not so powerful desktops of the day.

  3. I like the portrait and the rendering of the film. The vintage feel to this photo is tangible. Very nice work, Michael.
    I have several film cameras patiently waiting for me and film stored in the ‘fridge. It’s been several months since I last used film, but I admit to liking what it produces very much.

  4. Its is a long time ago that I had film in my camera. I do the camera though. My brother and I developed B&W in the bathroom 🙂 many many years ago. That was fun.
    Now I have fun with Paint Shop Pro and I will try the Photomatix pro soon.
    This is a wonderful picture.

  5. i’m an analog noob so, i’m still fairly enthusiastic, it’s about one roll a week.. 🙂

  6. A strange and unusual image of a strange and unusual model, but very enticing.

    In answer to your question Michael: Digital 100%: Analogue 0%

    I spent 25 years of my professional life shooting film, and enjoyed every minute of it. But, the flexibility of Digital does it for me. I’m sure there are nuances of differences in the results, but I still remain unconvinced; as far as I’m concerned it’s just a continuation of the over-emphasis of equipment.

    To quote the often copied (to ad nauseum), Michael Kenna ” I’ve always considered the make and format of camera to be ultimately low on the priority scale when it comes to making pictures. I think personal vision is far more important. A sense of esthetics, a personal connection with the subject matter, an enquiring and inquisitive mind – these factors outweigh whatever equipment you use.

    Cameras are a tool and no more….and digital cameras also have a histogram.

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