26 thoughts on “Frown

  1. Labor day…. 🙂 the day that I have to work… but I don’t mind.
    I am looking at this girl and I have to decide if she is real or a ‘display dummy’…. her pimples give her away though.
    Great shot, I am glad I don’t have to wear such a chain and necklace….
    I worked with these ‘models’ http://www.rootstein.com/

  2. Wow. That look–that eyes-wide-open stare–of part defiance, part amusement, challenging, daring…and the collar and lip-piercing and chain, the long lashes, and the blonde and red-streaked hair are all designed to get a reaction. It worked! I like it–a LOT. (I’d love to see her smile, but that would be out of character.) Nice work, Michael.

  3. I’d be always worried about tearing my lip accidently if I had a piercing like this… but then again, maybe that is why I don’t have any body piercing

  4. A feeling of rebellion that could have been shot any time in the last thirty years. Nicely portrays that enigmatic look of “why are you looking at me?” and/or “why aren’t you looking at me?”

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