23 thoughts on “Tango

  1. I do like these photos because they freeze the action of the dance, show the intensity of the performers, and include some of the atmosphere of the street and crowds. Wish I could have been there! NIce work, Michael.

    (By the way, the last photo you left a comment on is of a Bradford Pear tree. Thanks for the visit.)

  2. 🙂 As long as Ginnie ‘eats at home’ I don’t mind……. :D……
    Great set of pictures with a great title and I have to admit, my tango is very rusty.

  3. Tango Flashmob? Once ive lived in Antwerp and there was an Tango Bar. From time to time they blocked the street and had 15-20 mins tango. Beautyful.

  4. A superb, inspirational set of shots of something I’d love to do. In a short while, I’ll have a good friend living over in Argentina, so given time and money, perhaps I’ll get the chance. Fingers crossed.

  5. Excellent series, michael; I especially like how you’ve also captured the audience enjoying the spectacle. B+W suits most admirably.

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