Take a Bite


Did you notice something?
Did the world seem different since the moment you woke up today?
Everyone’s excited,
Everyone feels happy in a way they can’t explain today.

Doesn’t matter who you are,
How your week has been so far,
Cause you know when lunch time comes, that everything will be OK

Hooray, pizza day
Hooray, pizza day
Jonathan Coulton, Pizza Day

Speaking of biting into something tasty, I recommend watching Warm Bodies with someone special.

18 thoughts on “Take a Bite

  1. I haven’t had pizza in about 5 years….. Looks great though, but no thanks, I will stick to my brown bread….
    Love the collage and the look of the pizza.

  2. The first close-up of the pizza has reminded me that I haven’t eaten this evening. Photographically, really nice use of DOF. I’m sure both the photo and pizza were their own rewards.

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