Raye Hollitt, Comic-Con International, San Diego Convention Center, Marina District, San Diego, California. Ilford HP5+ Black and White 35mm negative film.
San Diego CBD

When a woman tells you to grow up, that’s God’s way of telling you to get a new woman. Especially if she tells you to get rid of your comics. There’s three billion women on the planet, not a lot of great comics.
Mile High Comics CEO and President Chuck Rozanski on celebrity actor Nicolas Cage selling his comic book collection to placate his fiancée (Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope)

Speaking of Comic-Con, the convention has recently agreed to extend its contract with the city of San Diego until 2016 (read here). Los Angeles and Anaheim must be a little dissapointed to hear the news.

17 thoughts on “Raye

  1. YAY for San Diego. I lived there for 7 years eons ago. A great place. How fun for the Comic-Con to be there! 🙂 Great image, Michael.

  2. I remember watching “Zap” in the American Gladiators, so I guess I’m dating myself. It was a fun show and you just had to root for–everyone!
    Since Comic-Con could produce $180 million in revenue, it’s no wonder that they would be a desired item. I like the photo, Michael.

  3. Impressive portrait and subject. I lived in So Cal back in the 80’s, and visited San Diego and environs. I imagine much has changed since then, but still a great place!

  4. nice catch.. she’s got big guns.. 🙂 comic con’s too huge for me, i’ll just stick to the other cons.. ;D

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