Accidental Exposure

Robert E. Lee Park, Baltimore County, Maryland
Baltimore County

Arthur:    …Why are you hesitating?
Gramp:   …In this moment, these undeveloped pictures are full of potential…Stolen glimpses of the past gifted to us by chance.
Arthur:     So get them developed!
Gramp:    But…it’s also possible they’re just TERRIBLE PHOTOS…
Sheldon (start here and click forward to read the story)

Good old silver gelatin! Remember that special feeling of dread and anticipation after every frame was shot? I couldn’t wait to see how badly I screwed up the exposure!

16 thoughts on “Accidental Exposure

  1. I still use film on a constant basis, so I entirely understand that feeling. As stated above, there is a mystery to this photo that i kind of enjoy. Well done

  2. I have boxes full of old black and whites. They all have that “mystery” look somehow. (Maybe it’s just me.) Your forest photo isn’t screwed up; it’s just immersed in being mysterious.

  3. i’m just starting on film, so i can’t relate.. ;D but look what you did, i just got hooked and subscribed to his feed.. lol..

  4. What a magical double exposure – I love the ethereal atmosphere and how the light comes through the canopy of leaves. Many compliments on this wonderful photo!

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