Nikon N90s 35 mm SLR Camera with Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AF lens

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For the experienced photographers out there – You know how you have a favorite camera? It’s not necessarily the best model you’ve ever owned. But it’s the one from which you caught the photo bug, and/or spent the most time honing your craft on. You don’t use it anymore because you’ve since replaced it with shinier, fancier toys possessing those “must have” features being touted by the likes of DPReview and DxO Labs. If you haven’t thrown it away or lost it, you have it stored away somewhere. But once in awhile you like to bring it out, if only just to reminisce. Now show me yours. What’s your favorite camera?

16 thoughts on “Weathered

  1. NIkon N90 or N60. its been a while. But I had it in high school and I loved it. it was the first one my dad brought for me. He was a photographer too. I was only interested because he made it fun. Some one stole that camera while I was in college. It took me a while to get another. But that was my favorite.

  2. Believe it or not, Michael, I’m still using the same Canon D400 body since 2007 because it’s small enough for my hand. What I have changed over the years is the lenses. I used to use the L IS 24-105 as my everyday lens but now use the L IS 28-300 lens. It’s huge and heavy but I’ve learned to carry it like a baby…and it covers all the shots I need. I sometimes swap it out with the L IS 100m macro lens, when I’m in that mood. 🙂

  3. The first slr I owned was a russian Zenit B which actually was rather good although very basic, but I aspired to a Pentax Spotmatic which I got later on and used for many years, I still have it along with the excellent 42mm screw mount, 50mm, 35mm and 135mm takumar lenses, which seemed to be the favoured focal lengths at the time. Later on getting a Minolta 7000i the first really successful autofocus camera, I still use the Minolta lenses after a brief flirtation with Canon with my current full frame Sony A900. Latest camera is a NEX-7 which is good and a nice lightweight alternative.

  4. Funny, my fav camera isn’t the one I started with. It’s certainly not my best. I honestly LOVE my Canon Elan + 50mm 1.4. Something about the way those photos look when it’s all said and done. Plus it’s kinda cool not knowing what the photo looks like the moment you make it.

  5. well, i guess it was my gramps ae-1 where i unknowingly wasted rolls and rolls of film.. but it’s gone now, so i’ll just have to stick with what i have.. that one you have there looks pretty worn out & well used.. 🙂

  6. good old film
    actually i love all my cameras, each of them for different reasons…
    my first one was a nikon fm3a, and now i’ve just put some of the ai lenses on my canon 5d2 via an adapter for some fun

  7. My first camera was a Practica MTL 3 with Pentacon 50 mm f/1.8 lense. Later I bought a set of second hand lenses which were dropped in price because of the rapidly evolving digital stuff. I haven’t stored it somewhere. It’s on prominent display in my living room to honour it for the long service it did.

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