Crisis on Infinite Earths, Paranaque, Manila

The reason these deaths mattered wasn’t that they were “permanent,” although the illusion of permanence helped sell their significance. The reason these deaths mattered was because both characters were more or less spent by that time. For whatever reason, nobody cared about the Flash and Supergirl anymore. Perversely, the only way to ensure that people cared about these characters again was to kill them. Wolfman & Perez – and everyone on the creative team, and editorial as well – obviously loved these characters, and did them justice the best ways they knew how: by writing the most heroic and heart-rending deaths possible, with both heroes going out in a blaze of glory while saving the universe from total annihilation. No tasteless decapitations or crass mutilations, no rapes, no bullets to the head, no uncharacteristic feuds with other heroes – just courage and sacrifice in the face of impossible odds. Good way to go.
– Tim O’Neil

I took another crack at this particular subject (Here’s the first image). Whereas the first was shot with high speed BW film, this one was shot with my DSLR. What a striking contrast it provides.

Anyway, for the non-nerds who want to know what the hell is going on, here are two primers.

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  1. The color version really grabs my attention. To me, comics are all about colors. I like Tim O’Neil’s analysis and his summary statement. Having an “ending” with worth–now, that’s something to wish for. Thanks for the links. I’m one of the uneducated.

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